Makan Makan

EAT? eat? WHAT?

A cultural dinner experience aimed to promote cross-cultural understanding and acceptance among our community through sharing and cultivating the diverse food cultures, practices, and traditions of the various ethnic groups within Malaysia.


19 february


The one where we explored Chinese food culture through a communal dinner, featuring food & practices of the Chinese during the Reunion Dinner held on the Eve of Chinese New Year. We would like to thank our Collaborative Partners - Yayasan Perpaduan Sarawak (YPS) for their contributions as the Main Sponsor & our Co-Organizer, who subsidized the meal & their continuous efforts in fostering a stronger sense of community & unity in our society Sarawak Development Institute (SDI) for actively contributing their manpower & resources in making MakanMakan possible The BanQuet for providing the event venue, the food, partial sponsorship of the meal & the great support from their administrative, logistic & kitchen staff Supermaindeal for supporting us as our Online Ticketing Partner & Sponsor throughout the event.



The one about sharing how to manage one's finances, cash flow, and saving up for the future. A big thank you to PurpleLily for conducting the session and everyone who managed to make it, despite the CRAZY jam in town :) Photos taken by Patrick Wong Photography.



The one where we talk about Depression, what it is and how we can help ourselves and others cope with it :)



The first of many and we're starting at Swinburne! Shoutout to the Swinburne Sarawak Student Council, the Sarawak Family Planning Association (SFPA) and the Sarawak AIDS Concern Society (SACS) as we work together to spread the word about safe sex and how it helps to prevent the spread of STDs and HIV/AIDS.



The one about what people say about Generation Y. The ME ME ME Generation. The self-obsessed generation that tweets their own vines, hashtags their own pictures and snapchats their YOLOs. Thank you to all who made it & we hope to see you at the next one :)



The one about exploring and understand the Parent-Child Relationship :) We hope everyone who came, left understanding how to better communicate with your family and friends. Special thanks to Madam Poh Yew Teoh for sharing with us her experiences as a mother and educator. Lookout for the answers for the unanswered questions! Thank you to all who made it & we hope to see you at the next one.

20 JUN


The one about the Realities & Myths about SEX :) We hope everyone who came had a good time and left understanding that educating yourself with the right information about sex is the way forward. New stickers too! Thank you to all who made it & we hope to see you at the next one.



The one about Tertiary Education and it being a Dream or a Dilemma :) Exclusive stickers, Charades, Coffee, Tea and more. We hope all who came enjoyed themselves and more importantly, left rejuvenated! :D Thank you to all who made it & we hope to see you at the next one.